We offer many types of branding services all rooted in Internet marketing but which help our clients in different ways. All our projects are based on the specific needs of a client. Our branding service is an on-going program that includes many items that assist with the general perception of your site as an expert. Many of these programs result in inbound links, thus potentially supporting an SEO program, but they may also result in top-of-mind recall and recognition of your brand by name without generating links.


  • Advertorials - We will identify possible sites from which you may purchase links to increase brand awareness without consideration of the possibility of SEO benefits. We will act as a broker between you and the ad agency to ensure the most value would be gained from the purchase. The cost of the purchased ads will be your responsibility.
  • Press Releases - We will identify content for, and write, press releases utilizing appropriate and reputable distribution channels. You shall add a section containing Press Releases to your site. The cost of Press Release distribution will be your responsibility.
  • Industry Authority - We will identify external web sites that are industry related or supportive to your offerings. In these cases you will be specifically responsible for participation in the Industry channels identified.
  • Rich Media Integration (Blending) - We will identify areas of your web site that could benefit from the introduction of rich media content (Video, Audio, Enhanced Imagery). We will recommend specific types of rich media to be developed and integrated into your web site and identify and optionally distribute content to selected external web sites.
  • Link Bait - We will advise you on how to leverage references from Social Networks appropriate to the web site. We believe that this is an important branding strategy and should be considered. While a much shorter-term strategy than our Link Magnets, it is still an important branding issue.
  • Ongoing Management/Implementation - This includes a regular, periodic review of progress and results.


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